Sharing Knowledge

The Knowledge Sharing work stream focuses on activities related to the Scorecard Report and Evidence Summit, REFINE, FAQR Website.

Sharing Knowledge

The Knowledge Sharing team aims to:

  • Prepare a report on lessons learned from each of the main activity streams of FAQR II.
  • Host an Evidence Summit to share evidence with a wide audience on the cost-effectiveness of specialized foods in the context of the results of implementation of FAQR recommendations on products, processes, and programming. Finally, as part of this work stream the FAQR team will continue their work on the consultative processes.
  • Research Engagement on Food Innovation for Nutritional Effectiveness (REFINE): Tufts will continue to engage with the broad food aid community during FAQR III, through live consultations via the FAQR website and the REFINE website, REFINE’s goal is to enhance accessibility to, and exchange of, operational and policy-relevant research on food-supported interventions that improve nutrition.
  • Strengthen FAQR communications through increased information sharing and an improved and more user-friendly FAQR website.

One-Page Briefs

Questions about this work stream?

Contact Maria Wrabela,, the Knowledge Sharing Research Assistant


A Spotlight on the Nutrition Decade

United Nations System Standing Committee on Nutrition

Ready-to-use foods for management of moderate acute malnutrition: Considerations for scaling up production and use in programs

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