FAQR Fact Sheets

Achievements and Impacts

Addressing Food Aid Quality; Successes: Impact Through Streamlined Food Assistance Programs; Far-reaching Sustainable Impacts


  1. Webb, P., B. Rogers, I. Rosenberg, N. Schlossman, C. Wanke, J. Bagriansky, K. Sadler, Q. Johnson, J. Tilahun, A. Reese Masterson, A. Narayan. 2011. Delivering Improved Nutrition: Recommendations for Changes to U.S. Food Aid Products and Programs. Boston, MA: Tufts University.

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Going Further

Field research and industry innovations are needed to allow the U.S. Government to respond more effectively to the world’s food aid needs. Everything from designing and packaging food aid products to delivering them to beneficiaries must be based on evidence of what works and what can be improved.

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