Commodity Incident Management

The Commodity Incident Management Business Process Review Work Stream focuses on providing support to USAID/BHA to strengthen the continuous improvement process for their incident reporting and resolution system for their food aid and humanitarian supply chain which includes working on several fronts to improve traceability, early detection, and prompt resolution of incidents with food aid commodities, including specialized nutritious food products across the food aid supply chain.

The Commodity Incident Management Business Process Review Work Stream aims to provide USAID with the evidence they need to improve their business process around timely resolution of loss, damage, and food safety incidents.  

This work stream provides technical support to USAID/BHA to:

  1. Improve food safety and quality assurance (FSQA) of their commodity incident reporting (based on a multi-platform FSQA questionnaire created by the FAQR team to identify relevant incidents).
  2. Review their business process for current incidents, provide recommendations for immediate resolution, and suggestions for how to improve the process over the short- and  medium-term, while the longer-term traceability solutions are developed. 


A Review of the USAID:BHA Food Aid Commodity Incident Management Business Process.pdf

Work Stream Contacts

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