Food Aid Basket

The food aid basket work stream focuses on existing commodities, new products and technology, products for dual-use emergency response, and technical guidance

The “food basket” refers to the different ways a set of food aid products – the ones approved for use in Food for Peace (FFP) Title II projects around the world - can be grouped. These “baskets” are compiled with the goal of meeting the targeted nutritional needs of the recipient community. A summary of the Food Aid Basket work available here.

The Food Basket team aims to:

Enhance existing food aid products by:

  • Assessing all products that are in use, discontinued, or have never been used and recommend improvements to these products, including quality and safety improvements
  • Providing information on ideal product ration depending on product purpose
  • Exploring each product’s potential to be used in an emergency response situation

Assess new products by:

  • Recommending products that should be approved for use
  • Defining a process through which products become approved for use

Conducting accelerated shelf life trials for fortified rice and high-energy biscuits

  • Create and facilitate a functioning advisory group that will establish a process and norms for periodic reviews of nutrition evidence related to food aid
  • Develop a strategy for deploying new products in emergencies and non-emergencies

Advise USAID on a strategy for responding to food needs during a sudden onset emergency

Questions about this work stream?

Contact Kristine Caiafa,, the Food Aid Basket Research Assistant