Mandy Bridges

Mandy Bridges is in charge of GFN's marketing programs, brand management, and expanding the agriculture industry's reach through targeted marketing and messaging. Before joining Global Food and Nutrition Inc. Mandy Bridges served as Director to four companies before starting her own positioning and branding firm. She works hand in hand with communities to develop and test consumer solutions by conducting consumer and market surveys to determine acceptability of food products and implementing behavioral change programs to promote food diversity with high nutrition value. Her passion is to create and implement strategies that increase the skills, assets and market linkages for farmers, farm organizations and agribusinesses. She has also earned several accolades for providing support from graphic design to field work for various companies in multiple sectors. She studies public administration and policy at the Schar School of Policy and Government. She is focused on multi-sector and inter-agency policy and program work that addresses the variety of factors affecting health and nutrition status.