FAQR Field Research

FAQR Field Research

David S. Yambasu

David is the Executive Director of Caritas Bo and actaed as the Grant Manager for the FAQR Phase III Four Foods Study. David holds Masters degrees in Peace Studies from the University of Bradford in the United Kingdom and in Educational Administration from the University of Sierra Leone with a Diploma in Social Work. 

Memuna K. Sawi

Memuna holds Master of Science degrees in Food Safety and Control from London South Bank University (LSBU) and Nutrition and Dietetics from Njala University, Sierra Leone. Memuna has aided and led national studies in maternal and child health, nutrition, and food security. In 2013, she co-managed the FAQR Phase II field data collection in the Kenema District of Sierra Leone. Later she was the Lead Offeror for the FAQR Phase III Four Foods Study in Pujehun District, Sierra Leone.