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Feasibility and Acceptability Study of Preparing Corn Soy Blend with Fortified Vegetable Oil in Malawi: Formative Research, report to USAID

Kumwenda, G., Nhlema, B., Maganga, G., Rogers, B., Walton, S., Boiteau, J., Webb, P.
FAQR Field Research

A Mobile Data Collection Tool Using Android Tablets for In-Home Observations in Sierra Leone Improves Data Quality

Breanne Langlois; Stacy Griswold; Memuna Kadie Sawi; Devika Suri; Ye Shen; Beatrice Rogers
FAQR Field Research

A Spotlight on the Nutrition Decade

United Nations System Standing Committee on Nutrition
Interagency Coordination and Harmonization, Knowledge Sharing

Accelerated Shelf Life Studies: Methods and Results Relating to New and Upgraded Food Aid Products

Schlossman, N., Johnson, Q., Wood, L., Coglianese, N., Santoso, V., Koeppel, L.
Food Aid Basket

Accelerated Shelf-Life Studies: Testing Micronutrient Stability of New and Upgraded Food Aid Products

Nina Schlossmann ; Quentin Johnson; Lauren Wood; Nicole Coliagnese; Vicky Santoso; Leah Koeppel
Food Aid Packaging Solutions, Food Aid Safety, Quality Systems and Supply Chain

Achievements and Impacts

Food Aid Quality Review

Behaviors Surrounding Ration Use in a Blanket Supplementary Feeding Program in Burkina Faso

Breanna Langlois; Ilana Cliffer; Ye Shen; Laetitia Nikiema ; Patrick Webb; Beatrice Rogers
FAQR Field Research

Burkina Descriptives EB 2017

Cliffer, I., Langlois, B., Suri, D., Shen, Y., Walton, S., Nikiema, L., Lanou, H., Garanet, F., Webb, P., and Rogers, B.
FAQR Field Research

Community Cluster Approach: Its Added Value in Surveys Conducted at Rural Community Level

Memuna Kadie Sawi; David S. Yambasu; Stacy Griswold; Beatrice Rogers; Devika Suri; Breanne Langlois
FAQR Field Research

Comparative Cost-Effectiveness of Four Supplementary Foods in Preventing Stunting and Wasting in Children 6-24 Months in Burkina Faso

Ilana Cliffer; Devika Suri; Breanne Langlois; Ye Shen; Laetitia Nikiema Ouedraogo; Augustin Zeba; Hermann Lanou; Franck Garanet; Stephen Vosti; Shelley Walton; Lindsey Ellis Green; Kenneth Chui; Irwin Rosenberg; Patrick Webb; Beatrice Rogers
Cost Effectiveness Tools

Comparison of four supplementary foods in treating moderate acute malnutrition in Sierra Leone : an Ebola-constrained cluster-randomized , controlled clinic-based effectiveness trial

Koroma, A; Manary, M; Marron, B; Green, J; Rogers, B; Marcus, S.; Ho, K; Chui, K; Suri, D; Langlois, B; Jayson, L; Boileau, J; Rosenberg, I; de Pee, S; Vosti, S; Webb, P.

Complementary Foods & Global Fortification Challenges

Joseph, M., Alavi, S., and Johnson, Q.
Food Matrices and Food Aid Processing

Cooking Instruction Development and Acceptability Tests of Corn-Soy Blend Porridges: Pujehun District, Sierra Leone

Quee D., Tucker H., Koroma M., Griswold S., Walton S., Suri D., Langlois B., Rogers B.
FAQR Field Research

Delivering Improved Nutrition Recommendations for Changes to U.S. Food Aid Products and Programs.

P. Webb, B. Rogers, I. Rosenberg, N. Schlossman, C. Wanke, J. Bagriansky, K. Sadler, Q. Johnson, J. Tilahun, A. Reese Masterson, A. Narayan

Development of Nutrient Delivery Systems

Food Matrices and Food Aid Processing

Effective delivery of social and behavior change communication through a Care Group model in a supplementary feeding program

Lauren Wilner, Devika J. Suri, Breanne K. Langlois, Shelley Marcus Walton and Beatrice Lorge Rogers
FAQR Field Research

Enhancing the Nutrient Bioavailability of Food Aid Products

Michael Joseph; Sajid Alavi; Quentin Johnson; Shelley Walton; Patrick Webb

Evaluating Opportunity Cost of Caregivers' Time and its Impact on Comparative Cost-Effectiveness of Supplementary Foods to Prevent Child Undernutrition in Burkina Faso

Ye Shen; Ilana Cliffer; Stephen Vosti; Devika Suri; Breanne Langlois; Beatrice Rogers
Cost Effectiveness Tools, FAQR Field Research

FAQR DC Nutrition Seminar 4 May 2017

Food Aid Quality Review
FAQR Field Research